The Insurance Firm

When The Insurance Firm was launching their national campaign in 2013, they turned to SynergyMP to create a launch strategy and new website to handle their targeted marketing, online quoting systems, and integrate a customer service portal.

In order to successfully market their suite of health, life, and specialty insurance products nationwide, SynergyMP created targeted campaigns through direct mail, email, localized media, PPC, and direct telephone contacts.

Furthermore, after their website re-design, within 3 months their ORGANIC search traffic was up over 1200% for their target keyword phrases. This helped TIF build out their suite of specialty insurance portfolios for Car Dealerships, Boat Dealerships, Heavy Equipment, Condo Associations, and other niche markets nationwide.

Now, a year later… TIF became a takeover target, and was acquired by a large rival that has been trying to penetrate those markets for years.

This is how SynergyMP builds value, and creates results.

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