NewComLink currently employs over 50 people in Austin, Texas, and provides a financial lending platform to a wide range of retail customers, including Fortune 500 companies.

When NewComLink recently decided to pursue a major round of Venture Capital funding, they hired SynergyMP for strategic development services paramount to that process. Turning to SynergyMP due to our experience, we provided both the expertise and service production to allow NCL to successfully embark on their fundraising campaign.

In order to present NewComLink as attractively as possible, SynergyMP also managed several integrated production pieces:

  • Branding, identity, corporate theme, logo redesign
  • New website design & launch
  • Messaging Review & Content Generation
  • Visual Audit, Collateral Design & Generation
  • PR & Media Development

On a tight production deadline of less than 2 months, SynergyMP conceived an integrated marketing strategy for Launch & Rebrand, allowing NewComLink to embark on their fundraising round in short order.

For more information, please visit their website:


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