Hosting & Domain Names

Your choice of hosting provider is very important to the success of your web-enabled technologies. Your website hosting service needs to be specially in tune with the services that you require. We don't offer services to the retail consumer - we   ONLY  provide business-class hosting to our corporate customers. This allows us to be sure that you are receiving the service you need for your tools and strategy. Whether your site serves a few hundred pages a day, or thousands per hour, we have solutions to meet every need. We currently host sites for customers on Windows and Unix based platforms for web pages serving, email, FTP, databases, e-commerce and other custom applications.

We offer domain registration services through our wholesale account with one of the largest ICANN-certified registration services in the world.

SynergyMP provides web hosting services to our client base by partnering with a leading provider of hosting and domain name services, Network Solutions. Please click here for the most recent promotions and discounted hosting plans.

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