Graphic Design

What is your visual spokesperson saying about your business?

Logo & Corporate Identity - As the "visual" spokesperson for your business, a logo might be more important than you think. The first impression that should stay with potential customers, a logo should be a memorable experience that easily stays with the customer long after the initial impression.

Brochures, Catalogs, Flyers - Sales Aids, Menus, Product Information Flyers, Product Labels and Packaging, etc.

Internal Identity Pieces - Business Cards, Letterhead, Stationery, Envelopes, Notepads, etc

Promotional materials and products - Koozies, Shirts, Pens, give-aways, etc.

Posters, Banners, Displays

Direct Mail and Print Campaigns... the old stand-by. Granted, these methods don't posess the glitter and pizazz of technology-based methods in today's marketplace. However, they can be a very effective and cost-efficient tool if implemented properly, and have proven advantageous to online marketing in certain situations.

Mailing costs are getting more expensive, and the most important factor is to make sure that each and every piece is targeted to quality addresses that apply to your business. Traditional bulk-mail doesn't, but current methods allow specific targeting, using methods such as co-marketing and single impressions, print, postcards, coupons, and demographic customization.

Print-based media still has an impact that is hard to match with alternate means. Even with the prominence of the Internet and E-mail, there are still many segments that might not be effectively reached with those methods. Under some circumstances, technology can even allow us to target specific demographic sectors with print-based media that was not possible in the past. With the higher cost of distributing such impressions, creating a targeted market is more important than ever.

Requests - Info Packs, Brochures, Sales Sheets, etc. - When a customer requests information, a prime opportunity is created to market your business to a customer looking to utilize your services and open to your message. These printed materials are sometimes the primary consideration in their decision process. Shouldn't you provide yourself with every advantage over your competitors to win their business?

Visual Impressions - Banners, Posters, Billboards - It's no secret that many purchasing decisions are made simply on the basis of increased visibility. Marketing yourself through an attractive visible impression can garner business that you may otherwise be losing to your competitors. Staying fresh in the minds of your customers, either consciously or subconsciously, is imperative to your business.

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