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Viral Marketing - A big focus over the past few years has been the growth of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. These marketing avenues can have intense value to many businesses, and there is a reason why many Fortune 500 companies elect to brand their products and advertise through various social networking methods.  

SynergyMP has built very effective campaigns centered around these platforms to focus on select targeted markets with impressive results. Many people don't understand how these platforms work or interact within a strategy, but that doesn't mean that they aren't effective. Don't get left behind!

Referral & Affiliate - Sometimes, providing a little incentive to promote your business can create benefits that far outweigh the costs associated with such a program. The ability to create a world-wide "virtual" sales force to promote your business is a very powerful option for many businesses.

Online Coupons & Promotions - Money talks... that's all there is to it. Creating extra value in your products and services can earn you new customers for your business, as well as strengthen the relationships with your existing customers.

Targeted Campaigns - In order to increase the effectiveness of a campaign, it may be necessary to target specific groups of consumers. There are many tools available to target these groups so that your campaign garners a successful response.

Directory Services & Listings - There are many different types of directory services on the Internet, and some of them require payment and some don't. Just like a listing in the the local phone book, a listing in certain Internet directories can bolster your business visibility to consumers. If they are looking for your business, why not make it easy to find?

Multimedia Distribution - Youtube, Instagram, Vlogging and other visually-stimulating pathways are the centerpoint of many viral media campaigns.

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